Classical Music Career Podcast

How do you go from practicing to performing? What does it take to be successful as a classical musician today? Talks with managers, agents, promoters, producers and musicians who've made it in the classical music business.


Episode 9: Finding your Voice on Social Media

with Rebekah Okpoti (@thegirlyorganist)

Today’s conversation is all about the instagram, girly organist’s vlogging experience and how Rebekah built a community on Instagram through her honest and relatable content.


Episode 7: How to get your Dream Job

With violinist Yamen Saadi, recently appointed concertmaster of the Vienna Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

We talk about how to prepare for auditions, how to practice for performances and perform under stress, and how young musicians can find performance and recording opportunities.


Episode 7: Alexander Technique for Musicians

Every performing artist spends a l lot of time practicing, rehearsing, traveling. From the day we start our music education we start building habits in our mind and body. Some of those habits might result in pain and tension that can be dangerous to our health and career. 

My guest in this episode is Liz Talbert, a flautist and Alexander Technique teacher. 

Alexander Technique is a method of bringing conscious awareness to how we do things. It is often used to help musicians with specific problems, such as tension or pain when playing an instrument.  

In this episode we will discuss how Alexander Technique for musicians can help lead healthier and better careers. 

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Episode 6: How to Stay Sane as a Professional Classical Musician

Insights of a violist and therapist from Berlin Lina-Marie Däunert

As musicians, we're incredibly busy. Often, we don't have time to deal with our stress, anxiety, and burnout. We just power through.   

However, this often leads to problems that manifest themselves in physical or psychological issues. If we don't get a handle on these problems, they can be detrimental to our careers.   

Imposter syndrome, for example, can keep us from applying for auditions we might've won, or stage fright keeps us from putting our best foot forward.   

My guest today is Lina-Marie Däunert, a successful violist from Berlin who's training to be a therapist to help musicians overcome their problems.   

Having struggled with mental health issues herself, Lina strives to become a liberated musician and help others find their way to a better and healthier life. You can find Lina on instagram @theliberatedmusician and follow her for great advice!  


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Episode 5: How to get a Concert at a Major Venue

Insights from a Concert Hall Director Timurs Tompsons

What makes the artist interesting to the promoters? What makes the difference between a sold out concert and a half empty one? What can artists do to attract the attention of audiences and venues?

To answer these questions, I had to talk to a concert hall director. I'm very pleased that Timurs Tompsons, the director of Latvian concert hall Lielais Dzintars, could join me for this conversation.

As the director of a concert hall organizing hundreds of events in different genres, Timurs has great experience in both music performance and music management. Enjoy this conversation and if you find it useful, please subscribe to our podcast and follow us on our social media channels.


Episode 4: How To Create Your Own Performance Opportunities

The Story Of Violinist Magdalēna Geka

How do you start your own chamber music ensemble? How do you start a festival? How do you find your first performance opportunities as a young musician?

Violinist Magdalēna Geka answers these and many more questions and shares her experiences on how to be successful as a freelance musician.

Magdalēna enjoys a busy and eclectic career as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician. She is the founder of numerous chamber music groups with which she regularly performs in Europe, and has herself founded several festivals that attract enthusiastic audiences every year.


Episode 3: Classical music management

Insights of artist manager, producer and educator Jack Lin

Jack Lin is an experienced Arts Administrator, Manager and Producer in the performing arts industry. Originally trained as a violinist and educator, now specialising in artist, project & event management with strong business development in the Asia-Pacific region.

How to find concerts? How to talk to event organisers?  What personal qualities contribute to success and what makes musicians appealing to promoters and audiences? 

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Episode 2: How competitions and authenticity help build a career

Insights of cellist Brannon Cho

Praised for his "burnished tone, spellbinding technique, and probing musical mind" (Boston Classical Review), cellist Brannon Cho has emerged as an outstanding artist of his generation. 

He has received top prizes in various competitions, including the Paulo Cello and Queen Elisabeth Competitions.

In this conversation, Brannon shares his thoughts on competitions as a performance opportunity for young musicians, how he prepares for them, and how the competitions and the relationships they have allowed him to make have helped his career.


Episode 1: How to get ahead in the classical music career

Insights of the manager Maxim Belčikov

What is the best way to approach agents and managers? How to find performance opportunities? What does it take to succeed as a classical musician today?

Maxim Belčikov, general manager of O/Modernt, former Senior Manager at HarrisonParrott and former Director of Performance at Bärenreiter-Verlag, answers these and many other questions about the classical music industry.

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