About us

As a musician, festival organizer or music organization, you want to showcase your work and reach your audience online. This is where inClassics comes in. Our team of experienced web developers, designers and musicians are dedicated to creating beautiful, affordable and easy to manage websites that meet your specific needs.

Our custom content management system and website builder offer a range of features designed specifically for musicians, including pages for upcoming events, biographies, gallery collection or a single gallery, discographies, contact information, audio and video, press quotes, electronic press kit and much more.

With our system, we can develop custom websites in just a few hours, and you can easily manage your own site by filling in the appropriate fields with content. Plus, our code ensures that your website always looks professional and polished.

We also want to share our knowledge and experience in digital marketing to help you succeed in today's digital world. Our blog offers tips and insights on how to get the most out of your online presence as a classical musician, and our podcast explores what it takes to succeed as a classical musician through conversations with musicians, managers, agents, and other classical music industry professionals

Choose inClassics and let's help you bring your music to the world.

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