check_circle_outline 100% responsive – looks great on mobile, tablet, desktop and TV.

check_circle_outline No design or coding required – you don't have to come up with a design or layout when you publish content. Just add information in the right field and our program will make it look great.

check_circle_outline Easy to manage by you – we've developed our own content management system for musicians to make it easy to update the site.

check_circle_outline Social media integration – links to all your profiles and music streaming services are visible on all pages

check_circle_outline Add information only once – we strive to make our websites copy/paste free. Reusable information such as venues, programs, artists, etc. can be saved and reused later on.

check_circle_outline Automation – the most used pages of the site such as events, news, audio-video, etc. are full of useful features to make publishing content quick and easy

home Homepage
  • Events and news always up to date - our program automatically displays the list of upcoming events and latest news.
  • Easy to edit - texts, photos, videos can be added, edited and removed by you easily
  • Hero section links - most important information will always be seen by visitors


event Events
  • Automation - events are automatically sorted by date, marked as "past" when the event date has passed, and displayed both on the events page and in an "events section" on the homepage.
  • Two event views - list or calendar.
  • Filter - possibility to filter events by country.
  • Clear design - easy to see information about event details and program details
  • Add information only once - save your venues, pieces, concert programs and artists and use them again when needed


play_circle Audio-video
  • All your media in one place - display audio and video from different platforms on one page.
  • Easy media publishing - just write your title and add a link to the file.
  • Create media only or a story - you can publish just a media file or add text and photos for more details.
  • Convenient media management - publish, edit and sort your media in a dedicated section of the admin panel.


description Bio
  • Easy to edit - you can update your bio any time in an easy-to-use text editor
  • Photo, audio, video - add media files to support your story
  • Multiple languages - add biographies in different languages
  • Bio download - make your bio available for download


collections Gallery
  • multiple galleries - you can have an unlimited number of galleries on your website 
  • easy publishing - just add title and images and click "create" button
  • list of galleries - we have a special page that displays all your galleries in one place
  • images only or a story - you can create galleries with images only or add text and videos to them to create a story
  • images download - add a zip file with images to download


album Discography
  • Unique design - specially designed discography page to display all the necessary information about the CD.
  • Performers tab - list of artists performing on CD, each artist can have their own profile.
  • Track list tab - information about the music on the CD.
  • Listen online - links to streaming platforms and online stores where the CD can be listened to or purchased.
  • Reviews and impressions - special section for displaying quotes about the recording.
  • "Also" section - automatically generated list of suggestions to explore more CDs from your discography


newspaper News
  • Automatic updating - your newest articles will always be displayed at the top of the page
  • Categories - create your own categories and filter the articles by them
  • Pinned articles - stick important articles to the top of your news page
  • Add news articles to homepage - display important articles on the front page of your website to be sure that every visitor sees them


contact_page Contact
  • multiple contact options - you can be contacted via the contact form or you can add your email, phone and other contact information
  • contact list - add a list of different contacts for different tasks, regions, etc.
  • booking system - we can add a booking system so that visitors can book a performance, lesson, master class, etc. with you


format_quote Quotes
  • special page for your quotes - we have created a unique design for displaying quotes
  • link to the source - you have the possibility to add a link to the source of the quote
  • easy sorting of quotes in admin panel


folder_zip For press
  • Journalists, promoters and managers can find all information about you in one place.
  • A dedicated page for your photo, bio downloads, press releases, etc. 
  • Add the contact details of a person responsible for communication with the press


note_add Custom page builder
  • create unlimited number of pages by yourself - no design or programming experience required - just add content blocks (text, photo, video, gallery, etc.) and our program will make it look great
  • various layouts available to make every page look interesting
  • easy organization of custom pages in the admin panel


insights Data collection
  • Facebook Pixel - you can show ads on Facebook and Instagram to people who visited your website (great advantage when you need to market your CD or upcoming concert)
  • Google Analytics - insights about your website usage - which pages people visit the most, user demographics, which content people enjoy most
  • Newsletter - you can collect visitor emails for future email marketing campaigns